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Wide Variety Of Representation


Staines, Eppling & Kenney, LLC is a greater New Orleans law firm focused on advocating for the interests of businesses and insurers. We pride ourselves on efficiently and aggressively handling a diverse expanse of claims. This includes cases involving admiralty and maritime law, general casualty and liability, commercial auto and trucking, insurance coverage, general business, construction, labor and employment, and workers’ compensation. We combine attentive service and experienced personnel along with the resources necessary to achieve favorable results.

Admiralty And
Maritime Law

General Casualty
& Liability



Commercial Auto
& Trucking

Guidance For Your Specific Business Needs

We pay specific attention to the needs of those we represent. This can include obtaining the ultimate verdict or settlement through litigation and negotiation. It can also mean resolving your case through alternative dispute resolution methods – including mediation and arbitration.

A great portion of our practice concerns providing advice and guidance to businesses regarding policies and procedures that will help protect the company’s future. By putting such policies in place, we can often help you avoid costly litigation. Due to the extensive experience our lawyers have in representing businesses throughout Louisiana, we have a tremendous understanding of the day-to-day operations of businesses. Any strategy we implement will be in pursuance of your business goals.