At Staines & Eppling, we represent employers of all sizes across many industries. With more than 120 years of collective experience among our partners, and a strong connection to the business community, we understand the legal issues and the business climate that affect employers in Louisiana and beyond.

We understand that employers need prompt, responsive counsel to protect their interests and futures. To help our clients manage their risks and achieve their goals, we provide ongoing counseling and tenacious advocacy in litigation.

Experienced Counsel Minimizing Employer Risk

Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys frequently provide counseling and coaching to businesses, human resource professionals, in-house counsel and risk managers throughout Louisiana. Our goal is to help clients minimize the risk of litigation by the development of sound employment policies. By drafting strong contracts and employee manuals, and developing thorough investigation strategies, we help businesses avoid distracting and expensive legal disputes.

Protecting Employer Interests In Litigation

Litigation by current or past employees can affect even the most proactive and diligent employer. Our proven employment law attorneys help businesses weather litigation stemming from a variety of disputes, including:

  • Allegations of employment discrimination or harassment
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Non-compete and non-disclosure issues
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliatory discharge
  • Hiring and firing practices
  • Family Medical Leave and disability
  • ERISA issues
  • Workers' compensation issues

We advise employers on short-term and long-term consequences of litigation, helping them to determine the proper course of action for their business. Our experience allows us to anticipate the risks, protect your reputation and minimize the likelihood of future disputes.